Kathy Parra

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Author Kathy Parra, or Kap,  by her nickname, loves gardening, talking with nature, especially with dolphins, vegan cooking and baking, bike riding, and skipping for joy where she lives in Mesa, Arizona with her partner Tony and their 3 girls Ariana, Chenoa, And Asha.





Illustrator Candace Keach has red hair, drives a blue Mini, plays a silver flute, and lives in Atlanta, Georgia with her two orange cats.

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Diane Buccheri, publisher of OCEAN Magazine,  edited and designed LOVE IS THE COLOR OF A RAINBOW. Diane sees small miracles in the everyday around us and spends much time with Nature, looking, listening, learning. www.oceanmagazine.org


Greg Barber -  Environmentally Friendly Printer EFP Greg Barber

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